RC Wall Climbing Car Radio Remote Control Anti Gravity Ceiling Racing Car Remote Control Car


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The wall car toy accesses 2 modes with a rear switch – WALL and FLOOR mode. Designed from a vacuum principle, the super absorption feature under the gravity defying rc car allows this car to move on all smooth surfaces in WALL mode, including walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors, and closets. In FLOOR mode, the wall car toy can move faster than other ordinary race cars.
This anti gravity remote car equipped with built-in rechargeable batteries, making it more durable and safe for kids to play with. You can charge the car via plug, portable bank or laptop via included USB cable and the charging time will be about 40 minutes.
Intelligent LED lights auto switch based on how you drive. Two headlights turn on when the gravity defying rc car moves forwards and both rear lights turn on when the wall car toy moves backward. Moves left, the left front lights come on and when the gravity defying rc car moves right, the right front lights turn on.
The wall climbing remote control car equipped with an infrared remote controller, you can full control its speed and direction, it moves in all directions, forward and reverse. Performs 360 degree rotating stunt when forwarding and reversing, this feature will keep your child entertained for hours.
The anti gravity car body is made of premium long-lasting ABS plastic ensuring resistance from impact and reducing the damage of falling by accident and prolong the service time effectively. The wall car toy has a lightweight heavy duty body that won’t break even if it falls from the ceiling or wall.
product channel: Four-way remote
Material: Plastic
Color: black、Red、Blue
suitable age: 7+
Product size: 15.1*8*4.3CM
product N.W:13.9/12.7KGS
Remote control with 3 1.5V AAA batteries (Not included)
R/C distance: 8-10Metres
Charging way: USB
Charging time: 40Min
Product accessory:(Color according to your choice)
1 X LClimbing Wall Car
1 X R/C
1 X charging line
1 X specifications
Product function:
Infrared; function: light, forward and backward,
turn left and turn right, 360° rotation, climb wall/land mode;
Notes for charging:
1)Please turn off the car before charging.
2)For safety, please don’t overcharge the car. The best charging time is 40-50 Minutes.
3)Please only use the provided USB charging cable to charge the car.


Ferngesteuerte Autos von Lumiereholic. RC Wall Climbing Car Radio Remote Control Anti Gravity Ceiling Racing Car Remote Control Car. Die EAN Hersteller Nummer lautet wie folgt: 0634359679190.

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